Holiday Blog Planning Worksheets

When you’ve been blogging as long as I have, your content archives are deep like the damn ocean.

I’d be lying if I said I could recall every post I had ever written, every recipe ever made or every craft ever hot glued. I’ve written nearly 4 000 articles in the last 10 years! Some for my blog, some for other’s blogs, and some for digital or print publications or professional organizations. My mind isn’t a card catalog, so I used holiday planning sheets to keep track of evergreen holiday content that I can promote again and again.


Each season, I toss a post it over the year and update the sheet with new posts to work on, old posts to promote or update and product or sponsorship opportunities to help my blog pay its own damn bills.

Not only does this mean I have one central space to capture seasonal ideas throughout the year, it also means I am certain to make the most of existing content. If you’ve got a deep archive, you should be USING it!

To help you get started, I created a free printable blog planning sheet just like the one I use. Download it, print it and start planning your next holiday!


How do you manage holidays and promoting evergreen content in your blog planner?


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